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In the following still a few informative words to Terragen and the pictures. 

Since at the beginning of of 2001 works Dotthy with Terragen and she is still completely inspired now already. This program does not release it. It is to be let develop uniquely in puncto textures and around original-faithful landscapes.

Terragen is a 3D-Landschaftsgenerator. The program is still in the development - therefore it is at present still Freeware -. with him can one photo realistic and also Fantasie worlds arrange. In the spring 2006 the first purchase version is to come on the market.

Terragen of matt Fairclough is programmed. The program can be downloaded for the private use free of charge. For the commercial use a registration is necessary.  All information about it finds you on Planetside, the home page of matt Fairclough.

Dotthy used for its work the registered version. The program is in English language. If you liked to know still more about Terragen, you’ll find under www.terradreams.de very good forum. There are each more informations about download possibilities and much more around the program Terragen.

Please follow this lin to the Terragen Gallery

Mixed Medium
On the search for new expression possibilities for her visions, Dotthy began to work together with different programs and experiment. That she provides different scenes in Terragen, Vue d'Esprit, Poser, as well as Fraktal programs and connects these with Photoshop. Or one of the programs specified above uses, in order to combine scenes. 

Also Photoshop filters are used. Photopaintings, i. e. photographies and their revised versions are processed likewise. 

Who thinks now:  "that it is everything completely simple, the computer makes so quite everything of completely alone", answers Dotthy completely confident, that is an erring faith. In order the respective programs require a longer and very intensive training period at all correctly serve - use - to be able.  In addition it comes that the general rules of the art are very useful. It is thus, exactly as in the painting to control completely importantly its handicraft.

Please follow this link to the Mixed Medium Gallery

Vue d’Esprit
After Dotthy had to some extent trained itself in Terragen, she discovered the program Vue d'Esprit. It is likewise a 3D-Landschaftsgenerator. Selling becomes it of the company e-on software from France.
With this program one can to be provided likewise photo-realistic as also fantasy worlds. It requires however a longer and intensive training. The program is gigantic, since one, differently than with Terragen, can train here "objects", thus houses, trees, animals etc.

I use the versions 4.2. and 5 for my work. If you liked to know more about Vue d'Esprit, you’ll find under e-on software, to the side of the manufacturer and under www.dreamofvue.de, a very good German home page with many interesting informations. Download possibilities, forums and still much more approximately around the program.

Please follow this link to the Vue d`Esprit  Gallery

Photo Galleries
Photographs is a further passion of Dotthy.

The pictures developed with their digital cameras:
an Olympus CAMEDIA C-3000 zoom shot and
a Sony Cybershot DSC-f 828. 

With their she made already some snapshot.

Please follow this link to the Photo Gallery


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