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In the following a small side overview for better orientation:

.:. The pictures in the different "Galleries" were provided by Dotthy at the
   computer. There is also a photo gallery. The largest gallery contains a
   selection of pictures, which were provided with Terragen. The allocation of
   the galleries is after that uses programs.

.:. On "Digitally Fine Art" you can acquire high-quality art prints of Dotthy.

.:. On the "Poster" side you can order poster prints of Dotthy's work with
   different offerers.

.:. The side "Terragen CD" offers a learn CD by Dotthy. On the basis 10
   practical examples you can learn, how one so-called Surfaces, which are
   textures produced. In addition, atmospheres, effects, water and cloud
   attitudes can be learned and used fast.

.:. On the sides "Downloads" are Terragen terrains available for the free
   Download. There you’ll find also to "Tutorials“ with helpful tips to the
   programs Terragen and PaintShop pro. A selection of "Desktop Themes":
   for the adornment of your screen stand likewise for order.

.:. For travel lovers there are many tips, pictures and suggestions on our
   "vacation and diving" sides.

.:. For horse friends a side "horse world" is furnished with our favourites, on
   whom also two reports are to be found over common moving rides.

End the good conclusion still another small reference: despite very strong compression of all pictures it can come to the delay of the screen layout in your Browser. Please you have for it understanding and to bring little time also.

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