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Creative Commons-Lizenzvertrag
All pictures on this website created by Dorothea Beer aka Dotthy herself are licensed under a Creative Commons-Lizenz please read!  



The galleries are arranged according to the used programs.
Dotthy works mainly with Terragen and Photoshop. Around her ideas to convert to be able she works also with Vue d'Esprit and Poser. She photographs very gladly and uses the snapshots in her scenes. 

The galleries do not contain all work of Dotthy. You can see a complete collection of their pictures on Renderosity.com.  There are more than 500 pictures of the last years! In order to be able to regard the enlargements in the gallery, you must be registered as a member, this are however free and very simple.

If you are a beginner of the Internets:  please click on a preview picture, the so-called Thumnail, opens an enlargement of the picture.
For closing the enlargement please click simply the X right above in the browser window. 
In order to save a picture,: right-click in the middle on the picture it opens a selection, select "save picture under...", look for the suitable memory place and click on "save". The picture on your PC is already available.

Please consider the copyright.

Still another small reference: despite very strong compression of all pictures it can come to the delay of the screen layout in your Browser.  Please you have for it understanding and to bring little time also.

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