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the DuF-Net Team

or better said Dotthy and Franzl. Thus we are called with our friends and therefore come the name of these homepage. It is one of our leisure pleasures. Naturally we have beside our homepage also still further hobbies. For example we hear gladly music. We hear gladly melodical Jazz, Rock, HipHop and mixtures of it. We love it to play for hours Age of Empires. We see gladly good films like the fifth element or pulp fiction. Vacation and diving is likewise a beautiful leisure pleasure. Photograph, good discussions with dear friends and much more besides. 

Dotthy loves to sit for hours at the PC and develop new pictures and from time to time to read a good book. Mostly she like Fantasy stories for example the Darkover series by Marion room Bradley. She collect all possible special books, particularly about art, nature, animals and countries. Most time however she sits at her personel computer and leaves their fantasy to free run. Who would like to experience more over her past artistic activities, its bio can be read
At the moment it is only in German language available. We work to realize on a translation.


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